Safe Balustrades For Children

January 13,2021

Stairs and balconies are high-risk areas for babies and small children in tall building. Because of the curiosity, they like to explore in this small space. The risk that children may fall through the gaps in the balustrade or onto the balustrade is our top concern question. Parents hate to hear such sad stories. With this in mind, you must consider child-safe balustrade options for your home.


 balcony safe balustrades for children in tall building


Wire balustrade


Pedals longer than 1m require 8cm pitch wires. The length of the horizontal wire meets the requirements for decks with a height of not more than 4 meters. The horizontal line seems to be easier to climb, and it seems that the safety is not high, but it is actually difficult to succeed.


Glass balustrade


Actually, for children, glass balustrade is the safest balustrade style. Tempered glass is strong and slippery, making it difficult to climb. The disadvantage is that the fingerprints and footprints left by the child during climbing may require you to spend a lot of time cleaning the little fingerprints on the glass.



The height that a balustrade suitable for children should reach


According to SANS regulations, the height of any balustrade shall not be less than 1m. Regarding child safety requirements, many homeowners may consider increasing the height by 0.1m or even 0.2m.



100mm air gap rule suitable for children's balustrades

This is very beneficial for children. This includes all balustrades. According to the SANS and residential category codes, objects with a diameter of 100mm may not pass through the balustrade area. This ensures that your child will not fall into the gap in the balustrade .



Raise the height of the balustrade to ensure the safety of children


When it comes to the safety of children, we can increase the height of the horizontal balustrade . If the balustrade height cannot be selected, crank handrails can be installed to prevent children from climbing over the horizontal balustrade . Tilting the balustrade toward the inside of the balcony or floor is also a way to prevent moving young children from climbing over the horizontal balustrade .


In order to make children safer, there are many new type of tall building children balustrades suppliers who is creating good ideas for your children. If you want to know relavent question of safe balustrades, clik the email  or Efen to contact us.