Invisible burglar proof Windows
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  • Protective net
    Stainless steel wire
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High altitude protection

LOVEBUTLER®爱管家  invisible protective net to protect safety of the children in high-rise floors and prevent falling;

For high-rise residents, installing invisible protective nets on windows can alleviate high-altitude unindications;

High-rise residents keep pets to prevent casualties caused by cats jumping and falling;

High-rise buildings to prevent falling objects from high altitude;

Schools, kindergartens, protect the safety of students and prevent falling;

Factory dormitories to protect employees' safety (China Foxconn Corporation installed protective nets in all dormitories to protect employees in 2011);

Install invisible protective nets on the stairs of unit buildings to protect people's safety and prevent accidental falls;

In the garden on the roof of the company, invisible protective nets are installed to prevent climbing and protect the safety of employees.

Aiguanjia's invisible protective net is safe and beautiful, does not affect vision, and can be quickly removed in 3-5 seconds for easy escape in emergency situations. Aiguanjia’s invisible protective net has a wide range of uses and broad commercial prospects.




Product structure of Aiguanjia invisible protective net:

1. track

(1) One track at the top and one at the bottom, fixed on the upper and lower concrete window sills of the glass window;

(2) The role of the track: the track plays the role of fixing the steel wire;

The track uses "GB6063-T5" material with a thickness of 1.0 and a hardness of 13 degrees. From a mechanical point of view, it can withstand a force of 500 kg and can be used for more than 50 years.

(3) The surface of rail aluminum is sprayed with paint six times. Conventional colors: white, green, gray;

2. Steel wire

(1) 1.8mm diameter high-strength stainless steel steel wire, spacing 5CM, form a net, prevent illegal intrusion outside,-keep hidden safety hazards outdoors;

(2) Stainless steel wire is resistant to rust and corrosion; a single wire bearing 110KG;

(3) The steel wire is wrapped with nylon film-anti-aging;

(4) Quick escape design, quick removal in 3-5 seconds in emergency.




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