Invisible protection net for balcony
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left and right Sliding windowsInvisible protective net Installed outside the window



Invisible protective net is made of stainless steel wires with a diameter of 1.8mm to form a protective net. Two adjacent steel wires are separated by 5 cm to protect the children in the room.

The invisible protective net of LOVELOVEBUTLER is made of high-strength 316 stainless steel steel wire, with a breaking force of 109KG, and a protective film on the surface of the steel wire, which well protects children's hands from being scratched when grasping the protective net.

 When fire alarm and other emergency situation occurring, it can be quickly dismantled in 3-5 seconds for easy escape. The product complies with fire protection standards. Outdoor maintenance, easy to restore (such as repairing the air conditioner outside the window, which can be restored to its original state after dis-assembly)

 Safe: The breaking strength of the invisible protective net steel wire is 110 kg, which can fully guarantee the safety of the elderly and children, as well as prevent objects from falling from high altitude;


 Aesthetic aspect: the diameter of the invisible protective net steel wire is 1.8mm, the distance between two adjacent steel wires is 5 cm, it cannot be seen clearly in front of 15M, which does not affect the vision, also has no sense of cage.


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