Safe and beautiful invisible anti-theft network
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The structure forInvisible anti-theft windows


①One track at the top and one at the bottom, fixed on the upper and lower concrete window sills of the glass window;

②The role of the track: the track plays the role of fixing the steel wire;

The track uses "GB6063-T5" material with a thickness of 1.0 and a hardness of 13 degrees. From a mechanical point of view, it can withstand a force of 500 kg and can be used for more than 50 years.

③The surface of rail aluminum is sprayed with paint six times. Conventional colors: white, green, gray;

2.Steel wire 

①1.8mm diameter high-strength stainless steel steel wire, spacing 5CM, form a net,

Prevent illegal intrusion outside,-keep hidden safety hazards outdoors;

②Stainless steel wire is resistant to rust and corrosion; a single wire bearing 110KG;

③The steel wire has a built-in anti-theft special core and double insulation to prevent false alarms and omissions;

④The steel wire is wrapped with nylon film-anti-aging;

⑤Quick escape design, quick removal in 3-5 seconds in emergency.



The first line of defense

As a replacement for traditional stainless steel anti-theft window products, LOVEBUTLER®爱管家’s invisible anti-theft net has become the first line of defense for window security, combined with an anti-theft security system. It has the functions of "safety, beauty, fire prevention, and theft prevention".

(1)The main components of the system:

LOVEBUTLER®爱管家’s security anti-theft system = invisible anti-theft network + siren alarm + telephone alarm host

(2)Working principle

Once the invisible anti-theft network is damaged, the siren alarm willbetriggered, and make 120 decibel siren on the spot, which can act as a threat and driving out burglars who intend to invade, and automatically dial the alarm through the telephone alarm system. Multiple sets of alarm calls are sent to the owner's mobile phone, property security, and police phone; and the alarm information is sent through the network to achieve the dual protection function, so that the owner or related personscanknow theemergency situation and take effective measures quickly.

(3)Superior anti-theft function:

The combination of invisible anti-theft network and alarm monitoring service system has automatic detection and voice prompt functions, as well as a 24-hour defense function. Once an alarm occurs, it will immediately notify relevant units and individuals.


Special functions of the alarm panel

①recording function

Pre-recorded 10-second alarm language, you can modify, re-record and replay the recording effect as needed.
②Anti-cutting function:

When the telephone line is damaged or damaged due to other reasons, the main unit will emit a "di, di, di" rapid tone every 1 minute in the disarmed state. In the armed state, the alarm horn will sound continuously when the siren alarm is turned on.
③backup power

Automatic switching function of AC and DC power supply: normal AC charging, automatic conversion of AC power failure, to ensure that the system is foolproof.
④Wireless deployment control, no wiring required, but also an emergency call for help function.


Technical parameter

①Working voltage: AC220V/ DC9V-12V. This machine uses a regulated power supply with rechargeable batteries. The power interface has positive and negative polarity. Please do not use other power sources to supply power.

②Remote control battery: DC12V

③Remote control distance: 100 meters (open area).

This product is suitable for places that need anti-theft, fire prevention and any safety precautions, mainly: homes, warehouses, shopping malls, and factories. You can also use wireless smoke detectors and wireless door sensors to monitor and prevent the areas that need to be protected in an all-round and three-dimensional manner.


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